Rs 3 crore was found in bags from the wreckage of the crashed plane

Pakistan International Airlines plane crashes in Karachi leaving ...
Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash in recent days in
 the country has revealed the illegal transfer of large sums of money.
On May 22, a PIA plane en route from Lahore to Karachi crashed into the population a few seconds from the runway, killing 97 people, including the crew, while two miraculously survived. ۔

 It has been revealed that more than Rs 3 crore worth of domestic and foreign currency was recovered from the wreckage of the crashed passenger plane and this amount was found in 3 bags from different places in the wreckage
Now the question is whether a passenger in a plane can move from one city to another with such a large amount of money?

In this regard, PIA officials say that the airline did not have any information about the transfer of money from the unfortunate plane.

PIA officials say that a passenger can neither carry a large amount of money in his luggage nor carry it. If he wants to carry money, he must first inform the airline and buy an extra seat and pay the money. You have to travel with a full bag on this extra seat.

A PIA spokesman said that the airline had no information about the transfer of money from the crashed flight, no passenger had bought any extra seats, 3 claimants of huge amount have come forward so far..
Keep in mind that even the SBP does not consider it right not to use banking channels for transferring large sums of money.

'Exchange companies are required to transfer money through banks'
Under the terms of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the SBP has formulated a cash transfer mechanism for exchange companies in 2019, according to which exchange companies can transfer money from one city to another through a bank. Are bound.

Exchange companies cannot transfer cash by post, whereas for exchange of foreign currency only employees of the exchange company can do so.
The question is how such a large amount of money got inside the plane despite the clear instructions of the SBP when the security officials must be aware of this transfer of money through security scanners. This also raises many questions on the performance of the concerned agencies. Marked.

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