People infected with corona

            are hiding the disease instead of coming to the hospital, Sindh Health Minister said
In a video message, the provincial health minister said that patients were coming to the hospital at the last minute due to severe respiratory problems.

He advised the citizens to come to the hospital immediately if they have any symptoms of corona and other ailments like asthma, diabetes or blood pressure etc.
Dr. Azra Pechoho says that people have been seen hiding the disease even though it is a matter of your safety.

"It's not that there are no hospital beds for Corona patients, we still have more beds and ventilators than the number of patients," he said.

It may be recalled that the number of people infected with Corona in Sindh has exceeded 8,000 while 148 people have died.
Two days ago, 60-year-old Dr. Furqan-ul-Haq, who was serving in a private hospital, lost his life due to non-receipt of ventilator in time.

Dr Qaiser Sajjad, general secretary of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), said Dr Furqan had contracted corona four days ago and was in dire need of a ventilator 24 hours ago, but including SIUT and Indus Hospital. There was no space on the ventilator.

He said that the family took Dr. Furqan in an ambulance for more than two hours to search for the vanity letter and finally he was rushed to the Ojha campus of Dow Hospital in a dead condition.

On the other hand, the Sindh government says it is investigating the matter.

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