More than 90,000 mosques were sanitized before they reopened in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: More than 90,000 mosques in Saudi Arabia were sanitized before they were reopened.
According to the Saudi news agency, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has said that the mosques will be reopened from Sunday, May 31, after easing the lockdown across the country. Has gone

The Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs says mosques in Mecca will remain closed during this time.
The Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs has also launched a media campaign in several languages ​​to educate worshipers about security measures in mosques, instructing worshipers to come to the mosque after performing ablutions at home and to wash or sanitize their hands with soap. Has been

In addition, the worshipers are further instructed to download the Qur'an from their mobile phones with an electronic copy of the downloaded Qur'an in their mobile phones, while bringing the place of prayer from the houses to perform the prayers in the mosque. Keep a distance of two meters.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has urged senior citizens, the sick and children under the age of 15 to pray at home.
It should be noted that the total number of cases of corona in Saudi Arabia is more than 80,000 and about 450 people have died.

The government has announced a relaxation of the curfew imposed across the country from May 31, after which private and government employees have been allowed to go to their offices, while a complete curfew is likely to be lifted from June 21.

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