If the World Twenty20 does not take place this year, it may have to be postponed until 2022, sources said

The International Cricket Council's (ICC) cricket committee will meet on Monday to discuss protocols for the return of cricket to the field, while the second meeting later this month will discuss the future of the World Twenty20. Reference will be made.

According to ICC sources, there will be two major ICC meetings this month on various issues related to the situation caused by the corona virus, with progress expected on a number of key issues.
The first meeting of the cricket committee will be held on Monday and will be chaired by Anil Kumble of India. The Cricket Committee meeting will also be attended by members of the Medical Advisory Committee who will give their views on hygiene.

Sources said that the ICC Cricket Committee meeting will discuss the issue of banning players from using their own sweat or saliva to polish the ball and in that case providing alternative materials for polishing the ball.

The cricket committee will present its recommendations to the ICC board, which will meet on May 28. Sources believe that the meeting on May 28 will also discuss the future of the World Twenty20.
The ICC is considering various options for the World Twenty20. Sources say that if the tournament does not go ahead as scheduled this year, then it may have to be postponed till 2022.

According to reports, most of the ICC boards, including Cricket Australia, want the T20 World Cup to be held behind closed doors so that the ICC and the boards can get some revenue in terms of broadcast rights. India is in favor of rescheduling the World Twenty20.

Another challenge for the ICC and local authorities in scheduling the World Cup is to quarantine the players and broadcasters of all 16 teams, leaving the council to bear the additional costs of at least two weeks.

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