Around the world, 33% of corona patients have recovered
The corona virus has now spread to more than 190 countries and territories, and the number of its patients has risen to more than 3.5 million.
ملک میں کورونا سے مزید 30 اموات، مریضوں کی تعداد 23657 تک جاپہنچی

The Corona virus, which spread from China in December last year, has now spread to more than 190 countries and territories and has infected more than 3.7 million patients, of whom 33.39 percent have recovered.
There is no vaccine yet available to eradicate this virus and there is only social distance and lockdown but scientists all over the world are constantly trying to develop vaccines but it is a long work but in some countries vaccines are not available to humans. The trial has also begun.

However, scientists say it will take at least a year and a half for the vaccine to be developed, tested and then marketed.

To date, the highest number of coronavirus cases has been reported in the United States. You can understand the latest status of the Korna virus around the world, including the United States, through the interactions below.

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