Aman has come to pick me up ', words before 
Irfan Khan's death

Yesterday, actor Irfan Khan had told his wife before he passed away that his mother had come to pick him up and he was sure that he would die.
According to Indian media reports, Irfan Khan was constantly watching his late mother in the last moments of his life who passed away three days before the actor's death and he could not attend his funeral due to lockdown.

According to reports, Irfan Khan had his wife, son Babel, former manager Asif and driver Hashmat with him at the last moment.

Before leaving the world, Irfan Khan said to his wife, "Look, she has come to take me, she has come to ease my pain."
In his last words, t
he actor also said to his wife, "I have lost, now I am sure I will die. Mother is in the room, look, she is sitting with me, she has come to pick me up."

According to media reports, Irfan Khan's wife could not control her emotions after hearing her husband's words and started crying. Meanwhile, Irfan Khan's health deteriorated and an hour later doctors confirmed his death.

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